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In the sensitive San Diego property market, land is a major asset. For property owners, land valuation and appraisals can be very demanding in a market of this kind. Property values can vary considerably, in a short space of time. These values may also be affected by a range of land use and other issues.

Appraisal best practice

One of the major problems for landowners and property managers is the need to maintain accurate, legally compliant, property valuations. Under state and Federal laws, asset valuations may require a range of statutorily-compliant information. For commercial purposes, property valuations must be maintained with appropriate documentation.

Best practice for property owners is to carry out their land appraisal San Diego County on a regular basis and to respond quickly to changing circumstances affecting asset values. A land appraisal San Diego County should be conducted on a needs basis relating to circumstances impacting property values, particularly in relation to sale, litigation, disaster, and zoning issues.

Irish Appraisals provides a full suite of appraisal services for landowners. Our services are designed to meet individual landowner needs, statutory, legal, title-based, and many other case-specific appraisal requirements.

Our services

  • We provide a comprehensive range of services:
  • Pre-sale appraisals
  • Tax-related appraisals
  • Leases
  • Easements and other impositions on titles
  • Realty
  • Partial interests
  • Litigation
  • Statutory-compliant appraisals
  • Estates
  • Trusts
  • Assessment appeals
  • Disaster appraisals
  • Divorce
  • Partnership valuations
  • Needs-based appraisals

Expert assistance and professional guidance

Our services deliver practical, best practice valuations for landowners, both private and commercial. We provide professional advisory services to assist landowners in managing complex land appraisal San Diego County issues.

If you need assistance with property valuations, specific appraisals, or related services, we’re here to help. Our services are tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients. Whatever the issues related to your property appraisal, we will be able to provide all the assistance you need, quickly and efficiently.

We can also able to assist in property-related legal disputes. We have extensive experience in a very broad range of property litigation matters, including providing expert witness testimony, research, and settlements.

Our standards of service

We provide our services on a strictly professional best practice, ethical basis. Irish Appraisals is committed to top quality standards of service in the interests of our clients.

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