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Orange County is one of the most diverse residential property markets in Los Angeles. This famous county has a wide range of different types of residential apartment properties, and is a very fluid, mobile market.

The Orange County residential apartment market

Types of apartments, location, market fluctuations, and local market trends can make it difficult for property owners to accurately value their assets. In this market, the usual rule of thumb methods of comparing current sales values are at best a ballpark approximation, not an accurate basis for valuation. Actual sale prices tend to be in bandwidths, and may not be appropriate measures for appraisal of a specific property.

The apartment market itself is also highly variable. Age of premises, property maintenance, legal issues, and local economic factors may impact property values. The problem for property owners is to ensure accurate valuation. For owners of apartment complexes and property managers, further issues may include statutory and commercial documentation compliance, depreciation, and in some cases property upgrades, restoration and renovation issues.

Irish Appraisals services

Our services include:

  • Full spectrum property appraisal services
  • Statutorily compliant appraisals
  • Litigation-related appraisal services
  • Market analysis and research services
  • Statutory appraisals
  • Specific appraisal services according to individual client needs
  • Large-scale apartment appraisal Orange County
  • Commercial appraisals
  • Local market expertise

If you need a timely, fully documented professional apartment appraisal Orange County, we can provide all the services you require. Irish Appraisals is a locally based Los Angeles company, with very broad experience and a strong knowledge base regarding all aspects of appraisals in the Orange County residential property market.

We assist our clients with case-specific appraisals. We provide services for the purposes of estate management, divorce, related litigation, settlements, and expert witness testimony as required on a needs basis.

For property managers and commercial owners of residential apartments, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of commercial appraisal services, including advisory services and compliance-related services.

Our professional standards

Irish Appraisals conducts business on a strictly professional best practice, ethical basis. We are committed to delivering the highest standards of service to our clients.

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