Are you in need of commercial real estate appraisal services in Anaheim? Irish Appraisal is the premier team for appraisal services in the Anaheim area. Our professional staff has decades of experience in providing appraisals for a variety of property types. Whether you are in need of specialty, or commercial real estate appraisals Anaheim, our service will work for you. When you begin working with our Anaheim commercial real estate appraisal team, you will immediately see the difference that results from decades of experience in the industry. Our Anaheim certified appraisers are some of the best in the business, and are capable of providing detailed consultations with our appraisal services. Accuracy is the most important part of the business for us. We will go out of our way to make sure that your appraisal properly reflects the unique aspects of your property, and will help you identify areas that are lowering your appraised value.

Choose Irish Appraisal For Your Anaheim Commercial Real Estate Appraisals

Our specialized focus means that your appraisal won’t just be accurate; you will get a timely report back from our staff, regardless of whether you have a special use property or you need an Anaheim land appraisal. We are dedicated to providing the best appraisal service possible; our goal is to be the first company that springs to mind whenever you are considering hiring someone for residential or commercial appraisals in the Anaheim area.

You Can Benefit From Our Services If You Are:

  • A Mortgage Lender, Broker or Originator:
    When you choose one of our Anaheim certified appraisers, you can rest assured that you will be working with someone who is an expert in their field. When you need an appraisal for a mortgage or other loan, we will provide you with a highly accurate appraisal service. Our team will help you with everything from a basic commercial appraisal to a multi-site special use property appraisal. We will also help with drive by exterior photos, interior inspections, and appraisals on a variety of properties. Our comprehensive Anaheim land appraisals are second-to-none.
    Utilizing impartial Anaheim certified appraisers takes much of the guesswork out of valuing a property, letting you spend more time and energy on providing the best possible service to your client.
  • Realtors And Real Estate Agents:
    As a real estate agent, you can often come under fire for the price you list a property at. Regardless of the type of property that you’re selling, it’s essential that you get a proper Anaheim commercial real estate appraisal service. Our impartial third party inspection will help give you confidence in the price of a piece of property, and help to put more money in your client’s pocket as a result of a quick, fair sale.
    For your commercial property needs, our Anaheim commercial real estate appraiser services can handle an appraisal with any number of complexities.
  • FSBOs, Home Sellers and Homeowners:
    When you are trying to sell your home yourself, it’s important that you have an accurate home or apartment appraisal Anaheim. Many FSBO listings have not been previously appraised, so the property value may by wildly different than what it’s been listed for. Having a property value that’s too high can cause a sale to take longer than necessary, while having a lower value will result in you leaving money on the table. Working with an Irish Appraisal Anaheim certified appraiser removes this uncertainty, letting you list your property for its true value.
    If you are listing your property through a realtor or other avenue, but you want to make sure that the price is fair, an Anaheim apartment appraisal can put your mind at ease, letting you know that you are getting the correct price for your home or commercial property.
    Whether you own a home, multi-family, land, or commercial property, calculating the value using an Anaheim certified appraiser can be incredibly helpful. If you appraise your investment property regularly with an Anaheim certified appraiser, you can ensure that your investment is maintaining its value and ensure that any rent or lease values are appropriate for the current market. Even if you aren’t planning on selling your property, an apartment appraisal Anaheim can quickly change your mind when you see how much your property is worth
  • Undeveloped Land Owners:
    Are you in possession of a piece of land that is unused or underutilized? With our Anaheim land appraisal service, you can determine the fair value of your land and potentially put it to good use. Our Anaheim land appraisal can be combined with some of our other services, such as our Anaheim commercial real estate appraisal to properly value a commercial space that is tied to unused land.

When you need the services of a professional, accurate Anaheim land appraiser, the only company that you should work with is Irish Appraisal Services. Contact us today and find out why our clients trust us for all of their Anaheim commercial appraiser services.

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