Mobile Home Parks

Irish Appraisal Service specializes in all types of commercial real estate appraisals including appraisals of Mobilee home and RV parks.  Whether you are the owner of or plan to purchase an entire Mobilee home park there different methodologies involved in appraising Mobilee/RV parks that differ from a single family residence or other commercial properties. 
A commercial appraisal of this type utilizes the following methods:

All three methods of appraisal: the cost, income, and market approaches. We obtain data to:

  • Compare and analyze actual vs. market rents
  • Verify if the area is subject to rent control
  • Study the market on a per unit basis

 Your specific Mobilee home/RV park appraisal will be delivered to you as a full narrative appraisal report.  The average turn around time for Mobilee home/RV park appraisals averages two weeks, depending on the specifics of each assignment and the complexity therein.