Appraisals are required in a number of varying circumstances. The Appraisal needs to be sensitive to the purpose of the appraisal, as there are a number of bodies of law that limit usage, or define verbiage differently. A pre-sale estimate of value will have different focus than that of an after fire (Act of God) event. Values for a $5,000,000 gift tax transfer must consider tax law, subsequent partial interest valuations, and tax court rulings.

The purpose of the appraisal will further define the scope of the appraisers investigating research, analyses and presentation of information that is imperative to the appraisal problem(s) in the assignment. The taking of a large area of land by eminent domain that is improved with a Chow-Lin Temple in Orange County requires understanding of bodies of law different from the sale of an agricultural subject to the Williamson Act. Long term leases can affect the universe of potential buyers of a mid-sized industrial property.


  • Pre-sale Valuation
  • Estate/Trust Valuation
  • Gift Tax Valuation
  • Litigation
  • Partial Interest Takings
  • Eminent Domain
  • Takings
  • Encroachments
  • Easement Effect
  • Assessment Appeals
  • Williamson Act
  • Non Taxable (exempt)
  • Realty
  • Lease in Place Valuation
  • Disaster Effect